Virtuelle Meetings brauchen eine gute E-Moderation um Gesprächsdynamik und Verbindlichkeit zu erzeugen.

Virtual communication in today’s business world brings many benefits: increased productivity, reduced business costs, and flexible business models. However, media-based communication also presents many challenges that often neglected in the light of its benefits.

In addition to possible technical challenges, the importance of proper management of virtual teams must be considered, such as the intercultural differences are prevalent in virtual communications and have a high impact on global communication styles and intercultural working.

Course Objectives

In this seminar, participants will gain an understanding of virtual communication and how to leverage technology to communicate virtually more effectively with their employees or colleagues.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders, project managers, managing directors who increasingly communicate via web conferencing with their employees, project teams or business partners

Course Content

  • Virtual Communication Basics
  • Importance and impact of communication in virtual space.
  • Type of communication in virtual space
    • Synchronous communication
    • Asynchronous communication
  • Communication Styles (Intercultural Communication in Virtual Space)
    • Formal / Informal
    • High Context / Low Context
    • Direct / Indirect
    • neutral /emotional
  • Media Selection Criteria
    • Media portfolio
    • Select culture and situation – appropriate media
  • Influence the media on communication
    • Compensate media impact
    • Simulation of a virtual meeting (input – feedback and transfer)


  • Presentations and technical input
  • Discussion with Moderation
  • Group Work
  • Simulation
  • Video Feedback – Transfer


Training implementation, photo protocol, seminar report (In-House Training) and Certificate of attendance

Languages: German, English and Spanish
Location: Inhouse or as an open Seminar


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