Collaborators in virtual project teams who use digital media to support their collaboration and communication are today indispensable. However, reality shows that in many cases everyone works as a solo on the degree of practical benefit, media affinity, and availability. Therefore, to set up a virtual team requires a strategy.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to set up the appropriate media timetable for their specific work environment and specific task priorities. Together, you develop usage and communication rules and thus create the ideal conditions for your virtual collaboration.

Course Objectives
  • Participants of this seminar have a positive attitude towards virtual collaboration
  • The executives and the team have jointly identified the media and software tools that optimally support their communication and work processes and have made their use binding.
  • Participants have defined binding communication and behavioural rules for cooperation.
  • They are sensitive to changing demands on communication and to establishing trust and proximity over a distance.
Who should attend?

The workshop is for executives or project managers and their employees, who are at the forefront of virtual collaboration and building their cross-site communication.

  • Identification Key tasks in cooperation
  • Development of the media usage timetable: efficient use of different communication media
  • Standardisation (media usage rules and netiquette)
  • Building trust and social distance (social talk and feedback)
  • The Timing of attending meetings in the virtual collaboration
  • Optional: Onboarding of the individual team members
  • Situational and needs analysis
  • Role plays and simulations,
  • Presentations and technical input
  • Discussion with Moderation
  • Agile Methods

Training implementation, photo protocol, seminar report (In-House Training) and Certificate of attendance

Languages: German, English and Spanish
Location: Inhouse or as an open Seminar

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