For your successful work with international business partners or multicultural teams in (agile) projects becomes culture-adequate acting and appropriate communication style more and more a decisive factor.

Building trust, empathy, the capacity for cultural self-localization and respect for being different, are in this context the underlying parameters for success on the international stage. Only then follow the ‚visible‘ cultural differences and similitudes.

If these underlying ’soft issues‘ are used consciously in an intercultural context, misunderstandings and frustrations are effectively avoided and sales losses are reduced.

Improve your intercultural competence with ilvy Intercultural HR to enable effective and professional performance across cultures.

Who are attended?

  • Professionals and executives who are working face to face or virtual in an international environment.
  • Members of multicultural teams
  • Members of international agile teams

Course Content

  • Analysis and localization of own and foreign culture
  • Dealing with stereotypes and expectations regarding a specific nationality
  • Influence of one’s own culture on the business world (think, feel, act)
  • Practice: Simulation of intercultural business situations (case work: value conflict, ambiguous communication, reacting in case of uncertainty)
  • Business Relationship: building trust in an intercultural setting
  • Sustainability: recognizing and using the opportunities of cultural diversity

Training implementation, photo protocol, seminar report (In-House Training) and Certificate of attendance

Languages: German, English and Spanish
Location: Inhouse or as an open Seminar

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