Develop your cultural knowledge and communication skills about the Japanese thinking and behaviour patterns with our Intercultural Training Japan – ilvy Intercultural HR.
In this course, you will learn the Japanese core values and business practices, to increase your understanding of how to work more effectively with your Japanese colleagues or counterparts and how to develop possible conflict-resolution strategies through improved communication and mutual understanding.

Course Content

  • Japanese key culture values
  • The particularity of Japanese  Communication style: language body, be silent and bow.
  • Structure and Hierarchy
  • Working Relationship
  • Japanese Business Culture
  • Project Management in Japan
  • Virtual Teamwork with Japan


  • individual situation and needs analysis
  • theoretical input
  • case studies and exercises
  • mutual exchange of experiences and moderated discussions

 Target group

  • Professionals and executives who are working face to face or virtual with Japanese counterparts
  • Members of international (agile) teams with Japan



  • Inhouse, Seminar or Live Online – Seminar

  To sump our services:

  • you will receive a photo protocol, a seminar report and a certificate of attendance.


  • English, german and spanish.

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