What is intercultural competence?

The answer is simple for us: it’s emotional intelligence that you can train. We can learn how we not only tolerate cultural differences but gratefully accept them. And so our vision is perhaps more of a mission: we want to make different points of view and values ​​the breeding ground for Innovation 4.0.

What is coaching? 

Coaching checks patterns of action and identifies the causes of problems. It activates the self-perception of the client, thereby promoting self-help and strengthening the individual’s personal resources. Ilvy’s coaching looks like this: when you and your team come to us, we will first define your coaching goal, because only then can we get to know each other well. Sounds weird? No, it’s logical: because only when we understand the destination and the target  group will we find your path.

Give time and create space – coaching at ilvy

It is particularly important to us at ilvy to accompany your process with confidence, by giving you time for reflection and thus creating a space in which you can freely test yourself, to start the future safely from a safe place. 

With the help of exercises and question cycles, we ascertain your attitudes so that we can train your skills. Every company has its own culture: there is simply no right or wrong here. 

The time that we invest in this process increases the quality and sustainability of the coaching, this much is clear. We cannot simply sensitize people to cultural differences in passing: it takes time and space.

Are you curious? Then we’d like to offer you a free initial consultation, based on which we then create an individual coaching proposal that is tailored to your specific needs.

General information on intercultural competence coaching:

We offer intercultural competence coaching in German, English and Spanish.

In general, it cannot be determined in advance how many coaching sessions make sense. For smaller topics or topics with specific goals, 1-3 sessions can be sufficient, for topics of greater complexity around 5-10 sessions.

 Just give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you!


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