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ilvy as a speaker on the panel Miércoles Globales AFS on Diversity Day

ilvy at SIETAR – Germany on Diversity – Day on 18.05.2021 at 7:00 pm.

Under the motto “SIETAR – So diverse we are”, some of our members introduce their countries of origin and/or work. In short introductions, the attendees learn about uncommon features of countries in Asia and South America and receive tips from intercultural professionals in selected breakout groups.

In a short and motivating Pecha Kucha presentation (10 images of 20 seconds each) with the title “10 facts about Peru you should know”, I will give up-to-date information about the cultural background of a youthful, multicultural and very promising country.

I’m looking forward to see you in this event.

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ilvy Podcast #2 – Challenges for our communication patterns in virtual meetings.

This time we will talk about two specific communications patterns that we often observe in our international virtual moderation.

Erika Shishido Lohmann & Liz Henderson

Culture & Change

Today I heard one more time in the feedback round a #workshop: “Yes, they had to strain themselves from time to time, but they have experienced this process with curiosity, courage and enthusiasm”.

As a trainer & coach, of course, I am pleased to hear that.

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A good and healthy 2021

Design®Aino.Maija. Metsola

Nobody could have anticipated a year like this. How quickly a situation can change and in what dimensions it can affect a person’s life. So we all became spectators and protagonists of the same event simultaneously, and so we became aware once again: “How small the world has become”.

For me, 2020 has marked by three words: reflect, learn and do.


From a crisis can come new opportunities that can make our lives more meaningful and happier.


We are in a time, where we need to simultaneously shift between master to apprentice and influencer to a follower to be more effective in this complex world. Thus, we sufficient generosity “to share knowledge and experiences” and sufficient humility “to be able to learn from others”.


Our work, international cooperations and training will continue to develop after Corona: more individualised, addressing diverse groups and located in different contexts (F2F, abroad or online, respectively). So that we now have to do something to make them more fair, sustainable and participatory.

A good and healthy 2021.