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Being different together: that’s ilvy.

Is your team or your international partner so diverse that it creates challenging tensions? Then let us transform your team in such a way that it becomes exciting! Diversity management makes differences visible, conveys values ​​and brings your team into contact in such a way that innovation becomes a matter of course. In times of startups, globalization and digitization, this is the decisive competitive advantage.

  Our vision: The focus is on people as creators

All people are different, that is a good thing. Our vision is: different perspectives and values ​​are the matrices for Innovation 4.0 – real, interpersonal competence offers the real potential!.

Our Value

The difference. We value it, live it and teach you how to use it for yourself.


Innovation 4.0 through Diversity: that’s ilvy. 


 ilvy – News

Open Seminars 2021

Seminar “Virtual Communication”

Seminar “Distance Leadership”

Seminar Virtual Meetings (Blended Learning)

Project:  ilvy & Liz Henderson



The heart of ilvy: Digital Culture Learning

Everything is networked to everything. Our work is networked as an area in itself, but also with our private life. We call this the VUCA environment. More…