We live in times of continuous change that are generally characterised by complex and dynamic markets where immediate response
and sustainable resource management are required.In this context, international relations (whether business, entrepreneurial or cooperative) present themselves as a profitable opportunity, generating synergies and innovation through the different perspectives and collaboration of the participants (whether as suppliers, participants in strategic alliances, branches of multinationals, research in international projects, etc.).THEME

  • What are the niches of opportunity offered by international cooperation today and how can you benefit from them? – An overview of the context and background.
  • What are the opportunities, advantages and challenges offered by international cooperation? Focus on LATAM and Germany (from the participant’s perspective).
  • Opportunities, advantages and challenges. Success story (From the perspective of the guest speaker: Michael Kandeler, International Business Developer).
  • What are the advantages and opportunities that interculturality can generate in the medium and long term for the better positioning of your company/product/project? – A common intercultural vision.


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