Across globalization and digitalization teams become more heterogeneous. They are increasing to be able to work from different perspectives on problem-solving and achieve more stable results than the homogeneous teams. To achieve the challenge to build up the suitable mix of competences of the team members is necessary to be able to lead specific know-how inside the team.

Diversity management in teams enhances the ability to collaborate and innovate among the workforce, ultimately enabling business growth and access to new markets.

Course Objectives
  • At the end of the seminar, you will hold the basics of Diversity management in the team.
  • You will be aware of the challenges and opportunities of the diversity management in the teams, you can use the different approaches for your team.
  • You will receive different tools and communication strategies for the cooperation of heterogeneity teams.
  • Introduction to Diversity and Diversity Management
  • Heterogeneity and homogeneity of teams: opportunity and challenges
  • Diversity dimensions
    Individual Level (Age: eg Digital Native / Digital Immigrant, Innovation / Experience – Gender – Ethnic Origin and Nationality: e.g., Multicultural Team).
    Group level (behavior code – rules and standards – communication)
    Organizational level (qualification – department – role in the team)
  • Team development of heterogeneous teams
  • Framework conditions of successful teamwork or team performance
  • Building team synergies
  • Social influence on team effectiveness: factual and relationship level
  • Practical tools and methods for implementing diversity management in teams.


  • individual situation and needs analysis
  • theoretical input
  • case studies and exercises
  • mutual exchange of experiences and moderated discussions
  • agile Methods

 Target group

  • For managers or project leaders who work or will work with diverse teams.


  • Inhouse, Seminar or Live Online – Seminar

  To sump our services:

  • you will receive a photo protocol, a seminar report and a certificate of attendance.


  • English, german and spanish.

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