“We support you in achieving your own goals“

Splended Blended Learning is an interactive, individualized micro-sessions training combining innovative methods to target the specific needs of the target group in order to promote life-long learning and the collaborative approach in the global environment.

We support organisations and their global teams to improve their knowledge, skills and tools, focusing on:

  • Intercultural Skills
  • Virtual Communications Skills
  • International Teamwork Skills
  • Language Skills (English or Spanish)

Focusing on the participant of the learning process while using a collaborative approach is the key to our method. We use agile tools combined with innovative methods such as Liberating Structures, EDUScrum, Design Thinking, plus online tools and elements from WOL (Working Out Loud).

Our proposal

We would like to support individual employees in achieving their own goals to meet this challenge. Employee-driven learning of the skills and tools they themselves identify as crucial to adapting to the new world of work. Skills such as virtual teamwork, intercultural communication, English or Spanish.

Your benefits

  • Focus on Teamwork, esp. Virtual Teams
    • Improving the ability to work collaboratively, flexibly and creatively while building trust and respect.
  • Focus on Intercultural Communication
    • Working in international teams with improved intercultural sensitivity
  • Focus on Digital Tools
    • Future-looking mindset to embrace the tools required by the digital workplace.
  • Focus on Participants
    • Personal training needs addressed instead of generic content.
  • Focus on Language
    • Improved language skills practised in a real workplace situation.


Target Group

Employees working in international teams and people who work with international business partners  with English or Spanish as a lingua franca. 

Who is supporting you?

Liz Henderson and Erika Shishido Lohmann


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Splended Blended Learning?

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